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Icarus Design & Development, LLC
9 Peppergrass Drive North
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

   Mobile: 856-979-3632
   Office: 856-642-1191
   E-mail: info@icarusdd.com


Welcome to the home of Icarus Design & Development. Please forgive our appearance as we are in the process of re-designing our website. We will be making numerous additions and modifications throughout the upcoming weeks. In the interim, here is a brief outline of the services that we provide:

Custom Website Development
The Web Team at Icarus Design & Development is a group of creative designers, writers, and developers who have a demonstrated proficiency of getting online results. Creative thinking, "eye-popping" designs and solid business principals are the foundations for a group of professionals that are dedicated to their work. The websites that we develop are not only designed to meet your needs, but our own high quality standards. For some companies, a one-page web presence is enough. For other businesses, the web is a main marketing device, the main source of revenue that is critical to their brand image. Our custom-designed solutions are tailored to fit within any budget. Anywhere from a basic web presence, to a complete state-of-the-art website accompanied by Flash or video presentations - we provide it all!

Website and E-Mail Hosting
Our organnization has partnered with an established internet hosting provider to handle the business requirements of clients at a standard rate. For pricing, please contact us directly by phone or by E-mail.

Website Maintenance
Via Subscription or “Pay-as-you-go”

A Subscription-based Maintenance Plan allows us to be the client's web development team for the duration. Any client change requests will be will be performed in an expedited manner, recorded and be applied on a monthly basis. For more details, please contact us to discuss a plan that will fit your organization's needs.

“Pay-as-you-go” Maintenance is basically the hourly rate for which our web team makes client-approved changes to your website. For more details, please contact us to discuss how we may serve your organization's needs.

Domain Registration
Our web team will work with your organization to select the best possible domain name for your website, register it for the period of time desired, and prepare the domain for host your website online.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an Internet marketing strategy that generates high traffic to a website. Site content and coding is adjusted to increase relevance to search engines. The higher the rate of website content compatibility with keyword searches, the higher its ranks in a search engine. A high ranking then ensures your website of a spot on the first few results pages, and the optimum rate of user visits.

This means that top Search Engine rankings have a direct, positive and measurable impact on your bottom line. If your website contributes to the success of your business, then Search Engine Optimization should be a top priority for you.

Please feel free to peruse the active pages of our website. You may start with our Website Portfolio by clicking HERE or by using the various ways to navigate our site, including the left-hand side links or the "footer" links below.

Thank you for your interest in our organization.

Ron Beaver
Lead Developer
Director, Web Services
Icarus Design & Development, LLC

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